Mechanical Traction

Cervical and Lumbar Traction is available to add motion to the joints and spinal disc space.

School Physicals

Schools and camps can require a student to have a physical before participating in their activities. Make sure your child is healthy and physically able to participate.

Dry Needling

The use of a thin needle is inserted into the skin and muscular trigger points to assist in the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain. 

Activator Method

A hand-held instrument called an Activator is used to apply a gentle force to a region for improved movement.

Hi - Volt Therapy

High Volt Therapy is an electromagnetic current that is used to affect body tissues in certain, specific ways to modulate pain. The major effects of applying this therapy may be: pain reduction, muscle spasm reduction, muscle exercise and re-education, circulation enhancement, and edema.


We are here for friends and family to get a baseline of your spinal and musculoskeletal health. Range of motion and orthopedic testing can help analyze how we can help you feeling your best self. We also provide School Physicals for your student. Schedule this service today or feel free to stop by anytime.


(spine and extremities)

Our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way through their spinal and overall health journey. Schedule yours today, and we promise you’ll leave our clinic well-informed and confident that your health is in the best of hands.


Ultrasound therapy is a deep-heating massage that penetrates into the deeper layers of tissue created by acoustic vibrations (sound waves). these sound waves effect both the muscles and the nerves, helping break up scar tissue, lessen the pain and swelling to an injured area, relaxing muscles and promoting healing.